Explore Brooklyn with a 24-hour adventure ‘questival’ hunt

Can you find the station where MJ’s “Bad” was filmed?

Not unlike something out of “Black Mirror,” an app-based adventure (a la “The Amazing Race”) is taking place in Brooklyn this weekend.

Teams will be asked to complete a series of challenges, but whether they win is up to everyone else — the number of digital reactions they receive on their uploaded photos will determine the outcome.

The “Brooklyn Questival,” which is put on by outdoor apparel and gear company Cotopaxi, is back for the second time. Last fall, the 24-hour challenge brought together more than 650 people to explore Brooklyn.

There is no set route — you make your own by going places where you might be able to complete your challenges.

Whereas in other cities and towns, the Questival asks teams to catch a sunrise, catch a fish with a fly rod or donate a box of clothing, Brooklyn’s challenges include:

  • Taking a time-lapse video of your whole team jogging across the Brooklyn Bridge;
  • Visiting the titular street in Brooklyn, named after a 1989 Spike Lee film where it was actually shot;
  • Eating a hot dog at Coney Island;
  • Riding Jane’s Carousel while either eating an ice cream cone or some cotton candy and “looking really pleased with yourself”;
  • Visiting the Brooklyn subway station where Martin Scorsese filmed Michael Jackson’s iconic “Bad” video, which featured a yet-to-be-discovered Wesley Snipes.

Teams must get proof they’ve completed the challenges by taking photos and video of themselves in the act.

Other teams will react with “love,” “laugh” or “look,” and those with the most will win each “sprint.”

Over the course of Friday and Saturday, there will be three sprints, where participants must be on the move for six hours at a time. There will be a blackout period overnight to ensure teams get rest.

While there is a closing ceremony to celebrate and award the winners, Cotopaxi says it hopes to foster self-discovery, camaraderie and joy, but also help people discover Brooklyn.

“Participants are going to see and do more in Brooklyn than they’ve ever seen or done, and they’re going to do it all in 24 hours,” said Davis Smith, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “That’s the beauty of this event — highlighting Brooklyn as a place full of adventure.”

To join, tickets are $38, which also includes a Cotopaxi backpack. For more information, visit cotopaxi.com.

Shaye Weaver