Valentine’s Day gifts recommendations from wellness experts

Solaris Laboratories' Gua Sha facial massage tool is, fittingly, the love stone rose quartz.
Solaris Laboratories’ Gua Sha facial massage tool is, fittingly, the love stone rose quartz. Photo Credit: Ralph Smith Studio

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the typical chocolates and flowers route. amNewYork asked the people behind some of the newest wellness offerings in the city for their picks for the health-obsessed partner or friend in your life.

Klei's The Nourish Mask.
Klei’s The Nourish Mask. Photo Credit: Ally Thornton

Dr. Shari Auth, co-founder of the Flatiron acupuncture clinic WTHN

“Give yourself the gift of a holistic skin care routine. Face cupping relaxes and tones the muscles of the face and boosts anti-aging collagen and elastin. Clean your skin first with a pink clay mask to remove impurities and then apply a natural face oil to help your cups glide effortlessly across your face.”

“Relax in the bath with the best smelling bath bombs on the market and then hydrate your skin with a nourishing body oil.”

Corinne Croce and Dariusz Stankiewicz, co-founders of NoHo boutique studio Body Evolved

  • Session with a specialist for a functional movement assessment

“This will help him or her identify movement limitations, which then can be addressed through corrective exercises to have him or her move and feel their best. You can find a certified provider at functionalmovement.com. We offer them at Body Evolved.”

  • One-on-one training in the activity your loved one typically does in a group setting

“This will help him or her crush their group fitness classes more effectively and decrease the risk of injury. For example if he or she loves to box, gift a session or two with a boxing coach. If he or she loves yoga, gift a private session or two with an instructor at her favorite yoga studio.”

“Vibration/percussion massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles.”

Goop Scented Candle Edition 04 in Orchard.
Goop Scented Candle Edition 04 in Orchard. Photo Credit: goop

Lily Kunin, founder of midtown east wellness shop Clean Market

“Give a gift that keeps on giving with a Gua Sha — you can use it at home daily to give yourself mini facials to reduce puffiness and encourage lymphatic drainage. Plus, rose quartz is a love stone.”

“I love this orchard-scented candle that brings a little bit of my favorite season to cooler months. The ultimate luxury to light and pair with some goop bath salts.”

“I’m a big fan of gifting experiences, and I love our facial detox package, which includes a sweat in the infrared sauna, a cryofacial and a glutathione IV drip to help you relax, unwind and unveil glowing skin.”

Dr. Natalya Fazylova, Holistic Health and Wellness Specialist at Upper East Side wellness and beauty center ReBalance NYC

  • IV drips ($150-$450)

“We’ve been seeing an uptick in couples coming in together for treatments; one of the most popular is for our menu of IV drips. It’s the perfect time to relax together while you solidify your bond intravenously. Whether you’re suffering from a lack of energy or your partner is trying to fight off the flu (or a hangover), our targeted IV solutions help you both get immediate relief from a host of different maladies.”

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