Infinity mirrors artist Yayoi Kusama has artwork elsewhere in the city

While the hugely popular “Festival of Life” exhibit is closing, there’s another spot displaying her work.

With the departure of the popular infinity mirror rooms by Yayoi Kusama at the David Zwirner Gallery this weekend, fans may be wanting more of her larger-than-life work. While there are no museums showing her art currently, there is one place it exists permanently.

Sky, a luxury apartment building at 605 W. 42nd St., has a few Kusama pieces that are on permanent display and can be viewed by the public. At the center of the building’s infinity loop driveway is a large, carved bronze pumpkin — created in 2014, according to Catherine Toor, a spokeswoman for Sky. Another smaller pumpkin, made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and urethane paint, sits on the building’s fitness entrance side of the building. It also has two “Infinity Net” paintings in the lobby. Kusama has created several of these paintings, which depict minutely drawn nets across monochromatic backgrounds. A few of the paintings had been at the Judd Foundation until recently.

The Zwirner Gallery’s Upper East Side space has them through Dec. 22.

Unfortunately, museums across the city aren’t currently showing her work.

The Museum of Modern Art has a few of her pieces — but none are on view at the moment, including some of Kusama’s “Infinity Net” paintings, like “No. F.” Others, an untitled pastel and ballpoint pen on paper and a pinkish ink drawing, both from 1952, are also in the collection but not on view.

The Guggenheim Museum has one artwork called “No. 2 J.B.” from 1960 — an oil on canvas with rice blossoms — but there are no immediate plans to show it, according to the museum.

The Whitney also has a few pieces — not on display — including her 1962 sculpture called “Accumulation No. 1.” The artwork looks like a wildly overstuffed chair with its humongous fibers.

So for the time being, if you want to see Kusama’s work, you’ll have to visit Sky, which also has its own nonprofit art gallery.

Kusama’s most recent exhibit, “New York: Festival of Life,” which featured infinity mirror rooms, was so popular that people sometimes waited four hours in line to see it or were turned away, leaves the David Zwirner gallery on Saturday. The “Infinity Net” paintings will remain for only another week.

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