Bedbugs found on the N train, MTA confirms

Let the panic set in if you’ve ridden the N train lately: Bedbugs were found on at least three trains of the N line this week, the MTA confirmed.

The MTA will now be checking out where crews congregate in the Coney Island rail yard, the last southbound stop for the N train, according to spokesman Kevin Ortiz. Bedbugs were found on the seat cushions in the train cabs that motormen use, sources told the Daily News.

“We are doing spot checks in crew areas down at Coney Island,” Ortiz said.

Two N trains were taken out of service Sunday and then fumigated after bedbugs were found on some of the cars. A third train was removed for fumigation on Tuesday.

The MTA said all cars of the three trains were fumigated. Bedbugs are commonly found in beds, sofas and cushions.

This isn’t the first report of bedbugs living in the subway system. In 2008, bedbugs were reported in the benches at two subway stations, and in 2009, a bedbug appeared to be riding the R train.

With Dan Rivoli

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