No G train between Brooklyn and Queens for five weeks

G train service between Brooklyn and Queens will be closed for the rest of the summer starting Friday when the MTA shuts down the Greenpoint tunnel for five weeks to repair damage from Superstorm Sandy.

Starting Friday at 10:30 p.m., the three most northern G line stations — 21st Street and Court Square in Queens and Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn — will be shut down until Sept. 2 so crews can work around the clock. The same stations were closed for 12 nonconsecutive weekends last summer for the MTA’s first repairs on the tube.

There will still be regular G train service between Church Avenue and Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn, but shuttle buses will run on two routes to bring riders to the shuttered stations.

Flooding during Sandy damaged nine of the MTA’s 14 underwater tunnels, with the Greenpoint tube and the R train Montague tunnel suffering extensive damage. The MTA is also working on repairs to tunnels in the A, C and F lines, which officials have said could be done on weekends, instead of full shutdowns.


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