Renderings of ships for de Blasio’s planned fast ferry network released

The city has released three new renderings of ships for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s planned fast ferry network.With Hornblower service …

The city has released three new renderings of ships for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s planned fast ferry network.

With Hornblower service slated to launch in 2017, the images offer some details on the ship profile and the seating and layout of its decks.

In keeping with the look of Hornblower yachts, the ferries will be white with blue accents. Each will be ADA compliant and have the capacity for 149 riders with room for bikes and strollers.

“Right now, there are so many trains, for example, in this city that are totally overcrowded, but our waterways are underutilized,” said de Blasio during an appearance Thursday on the Brian Lehrer Show. “You look at the juxtaposition it’s unbelievable. People in the morning–L trains are a great example in Brooklyn. You have to wait for three or four trains to go by just to get on a train, but right nearby are places where we could do waterborne transportation.”

A total of 19 ships and 21 landings will be part of the service launch. The mayor’s office has branded the ferries as the “first citywide ferry system in over 100 years,” though the network only includes a proposed new port on Staten Island in an unfunded phase three of expansion.

Trips will be priced at that of a MetroCard, but the system has not yet been integrated with the MTA fare system. The mayor’s office estimates the ferries will carry 4.6 million commuters annually.

“We’re excited to give New Yorkers a sneak peek at the brand new, state-of-the-art boats that will soon be connecting 21 landings around the five boroughs,” said NYCEDC President Maria Torres-Springer in a statement. “Citywide Ferry Service is going to be a game changer, helping millions of New Yorkers access quality jobs and recreation along our city’s waterfront.”

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