Schumer grateful ‘Saturday Night Live’ chose ‘far more handsome’ actor to play him

Saturday Night Live cast member Alex Moffat did his best impression of Sen. Charles Schumer on September 30, 2017. / Saturday Night Live via YouTube

Sen. Charles Schumer said he is grateful Alex Moffat is good looking.

The "Saturday Night Live" actor impersonated the Senate minority leader in the show’s season opener, playing alongside Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump.

“I would say I’m very glad that 'Saturday Night Live' chose an actor far more handsome than me to play me,” Schumer said on Sunday, speaking at an unrelated news conference.


The skit, the show’s cold open, saw Trump and Schumer talking to the mayor of San Juan — not realizing Puerto Rico was an American territory — and Jeff Sessions saying he lives in a grandfather clock outside the Oval Office.

Toward the end, Moffat as Schumer walked into the Oval Office to discuss “a secret deal” with Trump. With Schumer’s signature glasses low on his nose, Moffat promised Trump “a great place for slices, you’ll feel like you’re back in Queens.”

Baldwin as Trump then says that he’s “nothing if not loyal” and that they “are both New Yorkers, we enjoy a good slice, we never go to Times Square and we love saying: Live from New York, it’s Saturday night.”