Trump Rat returns in Manhattan: Photos

Trump Rat returned to public view on Thursday, just days after another inflatable likeness of President Donald Trump — Trump Baby — flew over London.

Commissioned by Chelsea gallery owner John Post Lee and designed by artist Jeffrey Beebe, Trump Rat debuted in NYC in August 2017.

A total selfie magnet, TR should continue to stand 15 feet tall at 58th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at least through the afternoon of July 19, Lee said.

A perfect complement to Trump Rat: a blue tie.

Trump Rat is a selfie magnet.

Trump Rat stands 15 feet tall.


The vinyl Trump Rat was commissioned in 2017 by Chelsea gallery owner John Post Lee and created by artist Jeffrey Beebe.

Matthew Drutt, a co-producer of the Trump Rat project, translates his Vladimir Putin shirt as, "The Most Beloved of The People."

Yes, Trump Rat accepts touches.

In the shadow of Trump Rat.