‘Ssssssneaky visitor’ in the Bronx: Huge python found near mailbox

Police rescued an 8-foot python left outside a Bronx home on May 15, 2020. (Photo via Twitter/@NYPDSpecialOps)


This big fella was not following social distancing protocol in the Bronx.

Police found a massive, eight foot python slithered into a residential mailbox at 1388 Fteley Ave. in north Soundview earlier today in the 43rd Precinct at about 7:30 a.m. on Friday morning.

The snake, which rivals the basilisk kept away in Hogwarts’ chamber of secrets from the Harry Potter series, was promptly and safely removed by an ESU squad of the NYPD.

The slithery creature was transported to an NYC Animal Care Center, the NYPD confirmed.

While police are still shedding through details on the incident — such as why a snake had to be near a mailbox — there did not appear to be any resulting injuries to people or the huge reptile.

The NYPD Special Ops team tweeted about the episode on Friday.


This story first appeared on bxtimes.com.

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