Drink a Slurpee out of a hat, shoe or Mason jar this Saturday

Bring a hat! Bring a mug! Bring a thimble — just fill it with slurpee!

Sick of plasticized paper cups? So is 7-Eleven.

Environmentalists have been carrying their own drinking vessels into dining establishments for years now, often for a lowly .5-cent discount or eco-friendly barista’s smile, but bringing your own (empty) bottle wil reap in benefits on Saturday.

On Saturday, April 11th, 7-Eleven will be hosting Bring Your Own Cup Day, during which anyone with a “qualifying cup” can fill up the vessel with the chain’s sugary frozen slush for $1.49.

What qualifies? Anything that can fit in a 10” hole.

Coconuts, clean rain boots, cowboy hats, bread bowls and Mason jars all qualifiy. Oversize garbage cans, Birkin bags and laundry bins do not.

If you can stick a straw in it, and its not a live animal or an electronic, you’re good!

Grab a clean beer stein or really anything that can hold liquid and show off your creative (and hopefully environmentally friendly) drinking container for #BYOCupDay.

Melissa Kravitz