Chick-fil-A NYC: Second location at 46th and 6th set to open

Chick-fil-A NYC: Second location at 46th and 6th set to open

Anyone who wondered whether Chick-fil-A had its sights on New York City can stop now. The company is not only opening its second location here in a six-month span, but is working on new technologies for urban locations, with NYC its testing ground.

“We are putting a lot of thought into how to make it quick and easy,” said Ryan Holmes, an Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A team member who works on the Urban Strategy Team. “In this part of the city everyone’s in a hurry.”

The company has devised a new ordering system and is equipping team members with iPads to take orders while guests wait on line. This will increase efficiency and get guests in and out the door in about six minutes, he said.

The strategy is being tested out in other cities, with New York as the initial testing ground.

The second location of Chick-fil-A opens at 46th Street and 6th Avenue on Saturday, April 2 at 6:30 a.m.

Take a look around the new Chick-fil-A and learn about the new operations the company is putting in place to cater to New Yorkers.

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