Fondue conjures images of an apres ski scene: sitting next to a roaring fireplace, wearing cozy sweaters and dipping things into molten cheese. Or it can make you think of Ron Burgundy from “Anchorman,” and — excuse the pun — scenes from cheesy ’70s movies.

When The NoMad executive chef Daniel Humm and chef de cuisine Michael Reilly were brainstorming for a Sunday-night only pop-up event at the NoMad Bar, both scenes crossed their minds.

“The idea was inspired by the cold weather,” Reilly explained. “It was, ‘What do people want, and is fun to do, but is also something new.’ It was a natural progression from chef Daniel’s childhood in Switzerland . . . and it’s perfect for the weather.

“We discussed the ’70s vibe, but thought a traditional Alpine ski house vibe was better,” he continued. “It’s casual, it’s what we know. It’s not forced.”

Last year, Mamma Guidara’s, an Italian pop-up complete with a special menu and full redecoration, took over the space. This version is not as involved.

“One of the arguments with the Italian takeover was that some customers wanted the experience, but also wanted their favorites from the menu that weren’t available,” Reilly said. “Now, people can still get their bar favorites.”

The special $55 menu starts with chicken consommé soup, salad with lardons and pumpkin seeds, charcuterie and pretzels with Dijon mustard.

Reilly wouldn’t spill the secret recipe for the fondue moitié-moitié, but he did say that they’re using “a very traditional Swiss blend” of artisanal, aged cheeses, with sourdough bread and potatoes for dipping.

For an extra $45, scrambled eggs and shaved black truffles can be added, which is especially tasty with the last of the thicker, caramelized cheese, Reilly said.

Save room for dessert — in this case a tarte Tatin with apple, cinnamon and caramel. Wash that all down with a Shümli Pflüml. A what? Basically a Swiss version of an Irish coffee, with coffee, sugar, plum eau de vie and whipped cream.

The special fondue menu is available Sunday nights from Jan. 28 through March 4. So, clear your Sunday night, don your favorite ski sweater and remember: No one likes a double-dipper.

The NoMad Bar is located at 10 W. 28th St. To make reservations, go to