Mini marshmallows, hemp milk and more at NYC’s first cereal bar!

Is there ever a bad time for cereal?

Is there ever a bad time to eat cereal?

Cerealphiles crowd the streets of New York, heading to bodegas at all hours to get a fix of crispy, crunchy, sweet flakes and puffs.

But if eating out of the same box of cereal feels too dull, Kith Treats (233 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn) wants to spice/sweeten up your cereal experience.

New York’s first official cereal bar currently offers up to 23 types of cereal to mix with 25 assorted toppings and 5 different milks. That’s almost 3,000 different ways to eat cereal!

The menu ranges from Apple Jacks to Raisin Bran to Cookie Crisp, which can swim in milks like hemp or chocolate and be topped with un-breakfast-like accoutrements ranging from cheesecake bites to cotton candy and mini marshmallows.

And forget the bowl!

Kith Treats offers a build your box menu, where $6 gets you 2 cereals and $7 gets you up to 3 cereals, your choice of milk and additional toppings at 75-cents each.

Open until 8 p.m. on weekdays, 10 p.m. on Saturdays and 9 p.m. on Sundays, Kith offers an around-the-clock cereal adventure we can only hope will become 24-hours in the near future.

Melissa Kravitz