LA is getting a dog cafe! Who will bring one to NYC?

Cat Cafes are so 2014.

Is a Bark Parlour in New York’s future? 

New York City got its first permanant cat cafe just a month ago, but already something is missing: dogs. 

An IndieGoGo campaign launched in December to help open America’s first Dog Cafe in Los Angeles.

Following a similar model as NYC’s Meow Parlour, this pet-friendly coffee shop will offer a space for cuddling and petting animals ready for adoption, getting them out of crowded shelters and into the laps of eager dog lovers. 

While plenty of New York establishments are dog-friendly (Shake Shack, Lucky Dog) there is not yet any venue where New Yorkers can freely play with pups. Even New York dog parks require that human visitors are accompanied by a canine companion! 

New York City health code states that pets are not allowed in “food service establishments and non-retail food processing establishments” but a dog play area adjacent to the establishment selling coffee and food would be fine, right?  

While LA’s The Dog Cafe is working towards its $200,000 fundraising goal by Feb. 5th, we’re highly encouraging some New Yorkers to take on a similar project. 

Cocker Spaniel-ccinos and Cafe au Lassies for all! 

Melissa Kravitz