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New fall beers: Brews from KCBC, Five Boroughs, Grimm and Interboro

Fall means new seasonal brews. To that end, we tapped Cat DiPaci, founder of a new local craft beer-focused business called Beer Fridge, for her recommendations on what to drink.

“You really don’t have to go very far for some incredible craft beer,” said DiPaci, whose Lower East Side shop is located at 41 Essex St. "It’s a really wild time to be in beer. It’s like a renaissance."

DiPaci's picks, available at Beer Fridge, include:

Owner Cat DiPaci (26) at Beer Fridge, her
Photo Credit: Steven Sunshine

Owner Cat DiPaci (26) at Beer Fridge, her new beer shop located at 41 Essex St., Manhattan. From Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017.

An imperial stout by Grimm Artisanal Ales

Grimm Artisanal Ales Double Negative Imperial Stout at
Photo Credit: Steven Sunshine

"[Double Negative] is 10% [ABV], so a nice, high alcohol content. It’s good for getting ready for the winter months. It’s an extremely unique beer. Grimm always does really unique beers in general. It’s super dark, has notes of espresso and dark fruits, caramel. It has a huge focus on roastiness — from when you take a sip of it to the end. It’s a whole experience in a glass. When you buy the bottle, it’s a bomber style, so it’s a bigger bottle. It’s perfectly sized for sharing. You could definitely get two servings, depends on how much you want to drink. It’s 10% so a little goes a long way.”

A helles lager by Kings County Brewers Collective and Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

KCBC Polkageist at Beer Fridge, a new beer
Photo Credit: Steven Sunshine

“They’ve done a little German collaboration together — [Polkageist] has amazing, spooky, awesome artwork. As for the actual beer, it’s really low in hoppiness — super clean. Just a really good, down-to-earth beer. You could say it’s really crushable — as in you can drink many of them. It has a really high drinkability. It’s perfect to ease into this transition — a bright, light, golden-hued beer. Just super tasty.”

A traditional ale by Interboro

Interboro Brewery Tastes like Fest Bier at Beer
Photo Credit: Steven Sunshine

“[Tastes Like Festbier] is an American take on a German style. This is on draft only — they don’t can it as of right now. This will really get everyone into the spirit of Oktoberfest, given the style. They’ve done an incredible job with recreating such an awesome German style. It’s one of those styles, as the weather turns, you go grab a few pints with your friends at the bar. Or it’s obviously perfect for filling a growler and going to watch a football game. It’s a really good uniting beer. And it has a mild bitterness — it’s not going to be crazy like an IPA, and not too sweet, which a lot of these styles can be. It’s just a really nice beer in this Oktoberfest style. You can definitely smell the herbally hops, but it’s not going to get that huge bitter taste afterward. It’s a nice dry finish, too.”


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