Ichicoro’s Tampa-style ramen pops-up in Ramen Lab

New York ramen is getting a sunny Florida makeover.

Ramen Lab by Sun Noodle (70 Kenmare St.) has transformed into a ramen incubator– hosting up and coming ramen chefs in its twelve-seat space. The goal? Give real time feedback to aspiring ramen stars as they present brand new creations for some of New York’s most discerning and adventurous palates.

First up, Ichicoro, an upcoming ramen project based in Tampa, premiering its original Florida-inspired noodle creations during a month-long Pop-up at Ramen Lab.

Ichicoro has created a new type of ramen, inspired by the Latin flavors, local produce and hot temperatures in Tampa. In Japan, ramen is denoted by its regional flavors and Ichicoro chef Noel Cruz believes the U.S. can follow this trend.

At the Ichicoro pop-up, guests are surrounded by the soft sounds of Latin music; it’s a nice contrast while eating ramen. Just try slurping along to the maracas.

On the menu: a soupless soba ramen, a thick vegetarian ramen in a tomato-miso broth and a tonkotsu seafood ramen topped with he’d-on shrimp. If you can stomach all three bowls –or you know, share them– without risking ramen coma, you won’t regret trying each distinctly flavorful dish.

The Ichicoro pop-up will open Tuesday, May 12th and run for 3 weeks, 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., first come, first served.

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