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Rihanna's portion control request mocked by her personal chef

This was not what Rihanna had in mind

This was not what Rihanna had in mind when she requested "portion control." Photo Credit: INSTAGRAM/BadGalRiRi

B*tch better have her breakfast.

After Rihanna suggested some "portion control" to personal chef Debbie Solomon, the cook got creative in the kitchen.

Bad Gal Ri Ri Instagrammed what may be the saddest breakfast plate we've ever seen, presented with a tiny slice of melon, shards of crisp bacon, teeny-weeny pancakes and what looks like a fried baby quail egg.

"@chefdebbiesolomon ..... This is not what I had in mind when I said "portion control"!!!!" Rihanna said on Instagram this Monday.

She also included personal trainer Jamie Granger (who apparently went with Rihanna to Havana last month and has accompanied the superstar to the White House earlier this year...) asking "did you have anything to do with this??!!" 

@grander9 didn't respond but Chef Debbie re-posted the pic saying "#I aim to please! This masterpiece took me all morning! I literally slaved away making this!! #breakfastinbed #portioncontrol #thisshit'shardwork! @badgalriri #atleastyougottwopancakes!"

We appreciate a chef who can make light of celebrity diets!

At least she got two pancakes.


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