VIDEO: Schneps Media webinar explains how you can earn college credit for what you know

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Photo courtesy of CUNY

A free webinar, hosted by Schneps Media on June 18, delved into the different ways those working toward an undergraduate degree can use their past experiences and what they know to save time and money for school.

“Earn College Credit for What you Know. Save Time and Money on Your Bachelor’s Degree,” was hosted by Holli Broadfoot, experiential learning manager at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

For the nearly-hour webinar, she discussed how students can apply previous work experience, certifications, education, and subject-based examinations toward a bachelor’s degree while answering frequently-asked questions for those looking to make their way back to academia.


“My hope from this webinar is that you come away as a better college consumer and a better advocate for yourselves so you can make the best choices,” Broadfoot said. “Every 10 years or so, the jobs that are requiring at least some college are growing. So now the question has shifted from ‘Do I need my college degree?’ to ‘How can I earn my college degree?”

Her advice will help acclimate prospective college students to a new model of higher education — one that can support their busy, multi-faceted lifestyle — and how those who have spent considerable time in the workforce can ply their trade to the classroom.