‘Broad City’ season 4 trailer debuts, teasing crazy adventures for Abbi and Ilana

Your favorite New York City duo is back.

Months before the show’s August premiere, “Broad City” fans got their first glimpse of season 4. A trailer, released on Sunday, shows Abbi and Ilana engaging in an expectedly high number of shenanigans, where sporting crazy costumes is of course included.

The trailer debuted on the show’s Facebook page with a message that every “Broad City” fan was already thinking: “SEASON. F$*&IN’. FOUR.”

The trailer has plenty of familiar faces — and Ilana’s trademark cheers of “Yas!” — like Bevers (John Gemberling) and Lincoln (Hannibal Buress), as well as sneak peeks of notable guest stars Wanda Sykes and Steve Buscemi. And after an exciting RuPaul-related announcement last week, we finally get a glimpse of Mama Ru herself, hinting that the “Drag Race” host will become Abbi or Ilana’s next boss.

The short teaser doesn’t reveal major plotlines, but gives “Broad City” fans plenty of crazy moments to look forward to, like Ilana and Abbi living their best life in a convertible. Road trip, anyone?

Season 4 premieres Aug. 22 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.