Kylie Jenner gets a Ferrari for her 18th birthday

What does one get a freshly-legal celebrity socialite reality television star for her 18th birthday? For Kylie Jenner, the answer is a brand new Ferrari.  

Rapper Tyga, the 25-year-old rumored boyfriend of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, surprised the birthday girl with a white Ferrari in front of her birthday bash at West Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows, according to People.

The car, assumed to be 482 Italia, is reportedly worth $320,000. The present came complete with a big red bow and caused Jenner, decked out in a sparkly dress and new blonde hairdo, to cover her mouth in shock.

The birthday celebration on Sunday had an all-star guest list, including Joe Jonas, Kevin Durant, Gigi Hadid, Kanye West, and Zayn Malik, as well as Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall.

The present might be Tyga’s way of making up for a scandal earlier in the week- he reportedly gave Jenner a red Mercedes G-Wagon on Friday, which turned out to be a regift of the same car he gave ex Blac Chyna. A Kardashian source insisted to TMZ it wasn’t a present, and that Jenner had just been driving it.