Lena Dunham live-tweets first Trump, Clinton presidential debate

Lena Dunham is most definitely with her.

The “Girls” star live-tweeted her reactions to the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday night, and she didn’t hold anything back.

“Trump is so mad at Mexico that I feel like he has a crush on it. It def. said no to 2nd base. #debates2016,” Dunham tweeted during the Hofstra University debate.

Dunham really, really didn’t like Trump’s interjections during Clinton’s responses.

“NO ONE LIKES AN INTERRUPTER,” she tweeted in response to a Twitter user who commented on Trump’s bursts.

She even offered Clinton some advice on how to deal with her opponent.

“Calm cool ‘that is just not accurate’ could literally be her response to anything he says all night #youliveinyourownreality #debates2016,” she tweeted.

Dunham hasn’t been shy about her support for the Democratic candidate.

She spoke at the DNC in Philadelphia in July, cheering Clinton on for her fight for equal rights. She’s even been spotted sporting outfits donning the candidate’s name.