Did Louis C.K. really perform with Bill de Blasio with poop in his pants?

Louis C.K. joked around with Mayor de Blasio, but was he hiding something?

Mayor Bill de Blasio may have a record for tardiness, but at least he’s not doing his job with poop in his pants. 

On Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” Louis C.K. recounted having to take a quick detour to the restroom before an appearance on stage with the mayor.  

“I’m trying to pee quickly — I’m sort of pushing to get the pee out, and it’s too much pressure. And out the back, pop! Just, pop! I’m at a urinal, and boom, out the back. … Boom, I’ve got wet underwear, and the mayor’s waiting for me. I couldn’t do anything, I’m like, ‘We gotta go’ … And then I stood next to the mayor of New York City and did a whole thing with poop in my pants. It’s the kind of stuff that happens.”

So did Louis really stand next to the mayor with poop in his pants? You can watch the clip of the March 2015 performance and try to determine for yourself.

Melissa Kravitz