NYC area comedian Paul Costabile to bring ‘Paulie’s Dinner’ to New York Comedy Festival this fall

Paulie's Dinner, hosted by Paul Costabile, is coming to the New York Comedy Festival.
Paulie’s Dinner, hosted by Paul Costabile, is coming to the New York Comedy Festival.
Photo courtesy of Paul Costabile

A New York City area comedian is bringing an old-school comedy set up to the modern age to this year’s New York Comedy Festival lineup.

Paul Costabile is combining his love for comedy and hosting to bring Paulie’s Dinner: A Night of Comedy & Music to the stage at The Cutting Room for one night only during the 10-day festival. With Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti of AGT fame as Costabile’s musical sidekick, the night will give ticket-holders a taste of an old-school variety show filled with comedy and Rat Pack-esque performances.

“I wanted it to feel kind of retro and have that kind of musical sensibility,” said Costabile. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing it, it’s like a pipe dream in my head because I’ve been a host for so long doing TV and stuff. I’m going to host, do my material, and I met a bunch of really funny people in the stand-up world so I invited them to come and do their bits.”

For Costabile, the goal was to embrace that old-school comedy scene with current comedy. Costabile says that The Cutting Room provides the perfect backdrop for the show, giving a show with modern comedy a taste of the history in the building, 

“I think the best you can get these days is just going into a comedy club that’s been around forever and hearing current jokes,” said Costabile. “The only thing I’ve seen that’s kind of reminiscent of this are reenactment shows, like when you go see the Rat Pack Live and it feels like them and it looks like them and people are doing impressions. It feels like that, but the difference is we’re doing an original show.”

Alongside Costabile and Valentinetti on the stage will include comedians such as Mike Marino, Tara Cannistraci, Nicky Paris, are Mario Bosco, plus songs from Vanessa Racci. There may also be some surprised guests that will join in on stage throughout the night and so much more to look forward to.

“All these comics do stuff everywhere. They’re all over doing big shows, so I’m grateful that they’re a part of it as well,” said Costabile.

Outside of the New York Comedy Festival, Costabile would love to take this show on the road and keep the momentum going. However, he is proud to be able to debut the show in the Big Apple.

“I really wanted to do this for so long that I’m just really proud it’s happening. There’s no other city this would happen at first than New York, right?” said Costabile.

Paulie’s Dinner: A Night of Comedy & Music will take place on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. at The Cutting Room, located at 44 E 32nd St. For more information, visit nycomedyfestival.com.