New York City-based film acts as love letter to city while exploring the financial limitations of living your dreams

Screenshot via YouTube

A New York City-based crime dramedy is now available for streaming on Amazon. 

“Disencumber” tells the story of two best friends: Alex, a PhD candidate played by Patrick Drunning, and Darren, an aspiring filmmaker played by Jack Schrader. When the two run out of money, the pair must figure what to do.

The film was directed by New York City’s Adam Ninyo, who shot the film guerilla-style throughout the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Verdi Square and Riverside Park are among the many locations in New York City that are prominently featured throughout the film.

In the summer of 2021, “Disencumber” was released on Amazon Video by Spotlight Feature Films, with more platforms expected to follow. The film is meant to simultaneously be a love letter to and an indictment of a city that encourages hustle yet makes it nearly financially impossible to follow one’s dream – wrestling with mixed feelings about the economics of the city – something that the young cast and crew of struggling artists lend authenticity to. 

“Disencumber” is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Video. Check out the trailer for the film below.