Comics dress up for “Schtick or Treat” show in Williamsburg

Jhanelle Dennis as Katt Williams during the "Schtick or Treat" show. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)

Local comedians dressed up as famous comics, often taking some jabs along the way at the 12th annual “Schtick or Treat” comedy show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory this week.

The fun and loose show, hosted by Mark Normand and Matt Ruby, was its usual hit with a packed crowd —there was a wide range of costumes of current and past comedians. Stanley Talouis played Kevin Hart, quipping at one point, “I lost the Oscars job, but I don’t give a f—. I made ‘Night School,’ so clearly I don’t give a f—.”

The show was hosted by Mark Normand, left, and Matt Ruby. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)

Jeremy Kaplowitz did a rather edgy Jerry Seinfeld impression, focusing on him having a 17-year-old girlfriend back in the 1990s. “You ever notice how girlfriends are always talking about math homework?” Kaplowitz joked as Seinfeld. “Why is it that girlfriends’ parents are the same age as you?”

Other costumes included viral star Bagel Boss, Pete Davidson and John Mulaney. One of the biggest hits was JP McDade’s act as Bernie Mac/Sanders, alternating between the late comic and presidential candidate.

JP McDade as Bernie Mac/Sanders. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)
McDade did some dancing throughout the set. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)

The Joker (Pat Byrne) was there, and made a podcast appearance with Marc Maron (Robbie Goodwin), though he made it clear that Joe Rogan was his favorite podcaster.

(Photo by Mindy Tucker)
Hannah Harkness as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)
Rufat Agayev as Aziz Ansari expressed remorse during the set. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)
Chris Cafero as Sebastian Maniscalco was a hit with the crowd, mannerisms and all. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)
The Bronx’s own Desus and Mero, played by Benel Germosen and AJ Thompson. (Photo by Mindy Tucker)
Fozzie Bear (Robert Dean) was heckled by Statler & Waldorf (Mike Feeney & Brendan Sagalow). (Photo by Mindy Tucker)

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