Perez Hilton will star as Danny Tanner in ‘Full House: The Musical’

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, Perez Hilton is seeking the spotlight.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, Perez Hilton is seeking the spotlight.

‘Perez Hilton, Dad’ was the subject of a recent ‘Talk of the Town’ piece in the New Yorker and the father of two is about to take on a whole new responsibilty: showstopper.

The celebrity blogger is slated to appear as the singing, dancing Danny Tanner, patriarch of the ‘Full House’ household, in the brand new ‘Full House: The Musical’.

The show will start in Toronto on August 18th and travel to NYC on September 7th!

Created by National Lampoon, the same company that created ‘Bayside: The Musical’, an unauthorized musical parody of ‘Saved by the Bell’, we’re eager to see what 90s dos and tunes make it into this show.

Hilton, 37, is no Bob Saget, but he’s starred in both VH1 and MTV reality shows and rumor has it he intended to be an actor early in his career.

According to Hilton, the musical score will feature catchy new classics including:

– “This House is Too Full”, Tanner Family/Comet the Dog
– “Have Mercy on My Heart/Don’t Touch the Hair”, Uncle Jessie/Rebecca Donaldson
– “Our Family is Better Than Your Family”, Tanner Family
– “Look at These A**holes”, Comet the Dog
– “There’s No Gays in San Francisco (As Demonstrated by the TV Show)”, The Boys
– “Dad Speech (I’m a F*cking Superhero)”, Danny Tanner
– “I’m Kind of a Slut (But Just Enough for Network TV)”, D.J. Tanner
– “Kimmy Gibbler Don’t Give a F*ck”, Kimmy Gibbler/Comet the Dog

No word on who will be plating Comet the Dog, as of yet.

The milk man, the paper boy, the celebrity gossip blogger. They’ll all be off-Broadway this fall. Tickets start at $25.

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