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Q&A with Matthew E. White, founder of Spacebomb records

When soul and jazz-influenced singer-songwriter Matthew E. White put together the group that recorded his debut album, "Big Inner," he wasn't just looking to form a band. He was trying to build a community.

He did exactly that, partnering with his fellow musicians to create Spacebomb Records, a label and recording studio with house band, in his hometown of Richmond, Va.

amNY spoke with White.

What did you model Spacebomb after?

When you think of that assembly line process of making music [with one house band], there's Motown, Stax ... that's how things were made for a time.

Isn't that a big vision for someone who had never released an album before?

I suppose. I don't think my vision had much to do with me releasing an album. "Big Inner" was supposed to be a test of the process rather than the launch of my solo career. I love making records, but it was created with the idea that we'd try it and see what happened.

Did you always want to be a frontman or did you see yourself more like Motown founder Berry Gordy?

I wouldn't see myself as Berry Gordy (laughs). I don't know that he was the most moral businessman. But I understand what you mean. ? Spacebomb gave me the ability to have a lot of different avenues to make music. ... I also like producing, arranging, A&R work, talking with other artists about how to frame a record. Spacebomb was a way to wear all those hats.

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