Talking ‘Star Wars’ fashion with Mark Hamill at rag & bone

The inhabitants of a galaxy far, far away were spotted mingling with the New York City fashion crowd in SoHo this week, preparing for the launch of the rag & bone X Star Wars collection.

Among them, Mark Hamill, who we chatted with about intergalactic fashion. His favorite Luke Skywalker outfit?

“Well, the first one was the most comfortable because we were in the desert,” the 66-year-old told us. “It was sort of like a pillowcase. It was airy, and it was brutally hot in North Africa, so I’m fond of that.”

The Jedi went through a style evolution as the film series continued.

“You saw the way he progressed. He goes to Dagobah — then he’s more khaki,” he explains.

“He graduates to an all-black outfit, which is very cool looking. It threw me off. I said, ‘Oooh, I lost my hand. Now I have a black hand. I’m turning into my father.’ . . . I thought in the third one that it would be a struggle with Luke maybe turning to the dark side.”

But as much as Hamill loved Luke’s bad-boy look, the director was having none of it.

“I said [to George Lucas] ‘I want to be an evil Luke.’ He said, ‘No, Luke is always good.’ ”

Back on Earth, Marcus Wainwright, who designed the rag & bone collection, said his favorite item is a limited edition tee emblazoned with the phrase “More powerful than you can possibly imagine,” from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s famous battle with Darth Vader in “Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.”

“I think the phrase is fitting, in these times especially,” Wainwright told us. The tee retails for $95.

Keep an eye out for the collection, which launches Friday on rag-bone.com. Select items will be available at shopdisney.com and in some rag & bone stores, too.

Featuring menswear, womenswear and accessories designed with subtle nods to the film series, the collection ranges in price from $95-$1,295.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” hits theaters two weeks later, on Dec. 15.

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