‘The Angriest Man in Brooklyn’ movie review: Cinematic disaster

This is bad in colossal, epic fashion.

“The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” is the sort of monumental cinematic disaster that could only be made by talented people comprehensively bungling things.

It isn’t just bad in a mundane way; it’s bad in colossal, epic fashion, a thorough miscalculation rife with overacting and heavy doses of schmaltz. The premise — a man is told by his stressed-out doctor that he has 90 minutes to live because of a brain aneurysm and sets out to make things right — is egregiously nonsensical, clearly structured to facilitate an abundance of false emotion.

And yet the film was directed by Phil Alden Robinson, who once made “Field of Dreams.” Oscar winner Robin Williams plays the protagonist, grimacing, shouting, stomping and contorting his face like a clown. Melissa Leo, also an Oscar winner, matches Williams’ penchant for overdoing it as his long-suffering wife. Mila Kunis plays the doctor. Peter Dinklage is Williams’ brother. James Earl Jones turns up as a stuttering technology shop owner (no joke).

There’s one stupefyingly dumb moment after another, and yet the movie holds some interest. It is bad in unusual and interesting ways. I guess that’s something.

Robert Levin