Meditation studio BE TIME offers classes from a bus

Ride on the mindfulness bus.

BE TIME, a new mobile meditation studio, hits the streets of Manhattan this week.

The bus has all the trappings of a modern studio — cushions, weighted blankets and aromatherapy — with guided meditations offered in areas like focus, stress relief and energy.

Catch free classes at Madison Square Park from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Feb. 6-9.

Otherwise they are $22 for a 30-minute session (first class $10), and $11 for seniors and students.

Classes will be offered weekdays to start and eventually expand to weekends. Sessions can be booked through the app ZingFit. Visitors can also pop in for 10 minutes at a time during “open space” hours. For daily locations, check Instagram (@betimepractice).

For more info, visit betimepractice.com.