Barnard celebrates 125th anniversary with street re-naming

The Liberal Arts College for Women in New York City, more commonly known as Barnard, celebrated its 125th anniversary this Sunday. Dancing bears, alumnae, prospective students (both in strollers and with resumes) and because this is New York, food trucks were on the 116th St. campus to celebrate.

Currently affiliated with Columbia University, Barnard College was founded in 1889 to offer a similar education to women, at a time when their across the street neighbors would not allow female students to pursue degrees. Even after the first class of women entered Columbia’s undergraduate college in 1983, Barnard still thrives as a campus just across the street from the coeducational university.

To celebrate Barnard’s achievements as an academic and cultural center (alumnae include Joan Rivers and Martha Stewart), the street marking Barnard’s gates officially became Barnard Way at the annual Founders’ Day celebration on Sunday, Oct. 26.

If you want to check out the new signage, Barnard’s official address is 3009 Broadway, in case Google doesn’t yet recognize the secondary street name.