‘Bean-to-Bar Chocolate’ author shares her favorite NYC chocolatiers

Megan Giller knows her chocolate. In her new book “Bean-to-Bar Chocolate,” the Brooklyn food writer explores the makers behind the country’s “craft chocolate revolution.” In honor of chocolate’s unofficial holiday — Halloween — we asked Giller to share her favorite local chocolatiers:


“My favorite local bean-to-bar chocolate maker is Raaka, in Red Hook, which is featured in my book. They don’t roast their beans, so you’ll taste a lot of wild flavors that are naturally in the beans. I love the way they include fun ingredients like bananas or coconut milk in their bars, and their coconut milk chocolate bar is a truly delicious alternative to a traditional milk bar.”

Cacao Prieto

“I also really love Cacao Prieto (also in Red Hook), which is on my list of the top 50 bean-to-bar makers in my book. They use cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and create smooth, decadent chocolate that comes in gorgeous wrappers. If you visit their shop and factory, you can take a peek at the cool vintage machinery there. My favorite is probably their 72% Original.”

Liddibit Sweets

“These aren’t bean-to-bar chocolates, but I am obsessed with Liddabit Sweets, especially their Snacker bar — kind of a grownup, gourmet version of a Snickers.”