David Bowie’s favorite places to eat in New York City

Wednesday marks the second anniversary of rock legend David Bowie’s death. (The musician died at age 69 of cancer.)

New York was the London-born Bowie’s adopted home at the time; the songwriter and his supermodel wife Iman purchased two adjoining penthouses at 285 Lafayette St. in SoHo in 1999. Like every New Yorker, he developed dining routines in his neighborhood — familiar restaurants, shops and cafes he’d return to on a regular basis for the eats, the service and the ambience.

Whereas the Starman’s onstage personas — Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke and all the others that reminded us it’s OK to be a weirdo — tended toward the dramatic and the flamboyant, his tastes in food were relatively simple.

We’ve rounded up some of his favorite haunts in downtown Manhattan for anyone who, like us wants to eat their feelings. (Some have closed since Bowie’s death, but we’ve included them in memoriam.)