Everything doughnut: The latest NYC breakfast item to hit the Internet

Another breakfast hybrid is here. 

The Doughnut Project,  10 Morton St., has brought together the everything bagel and the raised  doughnut, and the Internet is very excited about it. 

And why not? It’s proven that when two beloved food items mash up and become something else that’s equally appealing — or at least an insane concept — people get excited. Think: Cronut, sushi burrito, ramen burger. 

Doughnut Project’s doughnut features a cream cheese glaze and is dusted with a mixture of spices and seeds, just like on an everything bagel. You’ve got your sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pepitas, garlic and sea salt. It launched Tuesday, so get there soon before the lines are too crazy. 

We will just have to get down there and try it for ourselves but we want to know: Would you eat it?