Celebrate National Brioche Day with some fun bread-forward recipes from St. Pierre Bakery

Sweet French Toast
Photo courtesy of St. Pierre Bakery

Keep reading if you love bread.

Mothers aren’t the only group that is being celebrated this weekend. May 14 is also National Brioche Day, paying homage to the popular bread variety.

In honor of National Brioche Day, St. Pierre Bakery is showing the world some more fun ways to enjoy your brioche beyond your traditional sandwich bread or burger bun, made with the St. Pierre Brioche Loaf. 

Starting off St. Pierre Bakery’s suggestions is the Sweet Brunch French Toast with Bananas and Caramel Sauce. After following a standard French Toast recipe, St. Pierre’s Bakery adds banana and caramel sauce to bring an extra level of decadence and sweetness to your plate.

Next up is the Nutella Bostock, derived from a classic French pastry that was created as a way to use up day-old brioche. Though traditionally made with just frangipane and baked until crispy, this recipe adds a lot of Nutella (as the name suggests) and another slice of brioche.

Nutella BostockPhoto courtesy of St. Pierre Bakery

For those who are more into savory options, St. Pierre Bakery suggests the Happy Egg Breakfast Brioche Toasts Stack. This breakfast sandwich has it all: bacon, caramelized onions, juicy tomatoes, mushrooms, chives, and a fried egg to pull it all together. 

Happy Egg Breakfast Brioche Toasts Stack Photo courtesy of St. Pierre Bakery

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