New culinary books cover cheese, cider, peppers and more

For the culinary-inclined, single-subject tomes offer the ultimate opportunity to geek out. Rather than just a chapter or an aside in a larger text, you can dive deep into a loved ingredient or beverage. Meanwhile, those who aren’t fans can gain a newfound appreciation at the hands of passionate and expert voices. In four new releases, cheese, cider, peppers and vinegar get the specific treatment.

CHEESE: “The Book of Cheese”

This book promises to help you discover new cheeses you’ll love based on familiar varieties such as Brie, cheddar, blue and Swiss. It’s written by Liz Thorpe, whose cheese pedigree includes being an alum of Murray’s Cheese, the author of “The Cheese Chronicles” and the founder of the consulting firm The People’s Cheese. $40, out Sept. 26

CIDER: “Tasting Cider”

With an annual festival and even a restaurant in NYC devoted to cider, chances are you’ve been curious about the beverage. Erin James, editor-in-chief of the magazines CIDERCRAFT and Sip Northwest, provides an introduction, from types of hard cider (dessert, hopped, barrel-aged and more) to its makers to cooking and making cocktails with it. $19.95, out now

PEPPERS: “Peppers of the Americas”

James Beard Award-winning author Maricel E. Presilla celebrates the pepper in her latest cookbook. Learn about nearly 200 varieties, with helpful info such as physical description and usage, and discover their flavors in more than 40 Latin recipes for everything from spice blends to soups. $35, out now

VINEGAR: “Vinegar Revival”

If you don’t have an appreciation for this pantry staple, Harry Rosenblum will convince you otherwise. The co-founder of the Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook covers everything from buying and making your own vinegar to using it in cocktails, sauces, entrees and even desserts in his first book. $19.99, out now