OnDelivery.com now brings Chinatown food uptown

There’s a Chinese food revolution happening below 42nd Street.

Venturing to Canal Street is no longer necessary thanks to the launch of OnDelivery.com.

The brand-new food delivery site launched on July 30 and has so far signed 18 Chinese and Asian fusion restaurants in Chinatown and the East Village. Currently,  food delivery is available between lower Manhattan and 42nd Street.

According to the website, OnDelivery aims to provide “affordable yet authentic international dishes.”

Forget your mediocre midtown lunch, OnDelivery will bring you food from Chinatown favorites including Golden Mandarin Court (sizzling jumbo shrimp! thousand years egg with spinach!), Taiwan Bear House (fried chicken! bubble tea!), Ajisen Ramen (ramen!) and full menus from many more hotspots.

The site also deliver from the oldest Haagen Dazs in Manhattan — open since 1977. 

Most delivery minimums are listed at $20 and an estimated hour delivery time to midtown.

Here’s to hoping even more Chinatown restaurants join in!