Pabst brings back Ballantine IPA

Many drinkers may not have been of age when Ballantine went off the market, but America’s Original IPA has been resurrected and is almost ready for mass consumption.

Returning from a 30 year hiatus, beer fans can soon enjoy Ballantine India Pale Ale come September. Brought to us by Pabst Brewing Company, those special people who make all that PBR, Ballantine IPA will be handmade in Cold Springs, Minnesota by a third generation brewer, Greg Deuhs.

Deuhs, who did not have the original Ballantine recipe, spent two years reverse engineering the brewing process based off the original formula, memories and historical documents, to re-create this old classic. Dry hops and American oak are both essential in bringing out the rich, spicy flavor of this IPA.

Popular from the early 19th Century through Prohibition and into the 70s, Ballantine was phased out as big brewers took over the American marketplace, and more people began drinking less bold-flavored beer. Now that craft beer has seen a resurgance, American palates are prepped to enjoy the re-release of Ballantine.

Ballantine IPA will be sold in bottled six-packs and limited-edition 750 ml bottles this September.