What’s better than a boozy brunch in NYC?

There is perhaps nothing greater than a boozy brunch in New York City. You can indulge in your favorite sweet or savory dishes while drowning your ambitious New Year’s resolutions in unlimited cocktails — all the while knowing that your DD (Uber) is just a click away.

Recently, Crown (24 E. 81st St.) began offering a “Bubbly Jazz Brunch,” which combines not just unlimited bellinis and mimosas with great food, but also with the soulful, funky beats of the Mimi Jones Band. As you sway to the music (a great excuse for alcohol-induced swaying), you can chow down on ricotta pancakes with Vermont maple syrup or soft scrambled eggs with smoked sable fish.

Live music in the form of old-school hip-hop sets the scene for brunch at Sons of Essex (133 Essex St.) in the Lower East Side. Paired with all-you-can-drink mimosas are breakfast standouts like eggs “Benedictowitz” atop a potato pancake and smoked salmon, and hearty lunch options like Manischeweitz-braised short ribs in a sandwich called “Sloppy Judah.”

While Pig & Khao (68 Clinton St.) has become an excellent dinner staple, I suggest trying out their brunch. Bottomless mimosas are just $15 and they’re served with such items as grilled pork jowl with watermelon and corned beef hash—a welcome Asian twist on typical brunch fare.

You can also visit Preserve 24 (177 E. Houston St.), where unlimited sangria is on the menu for $24. And to keep yourself afloat throughout the meal, savor fried chicken and biscuits, a traditional L.E.S. egg sandwich topped with a fried oyster or bacon waffles served with banana ice cream. Before you black car your way home, be sure to check out Preserve’s interactive and sculptural art installations for a truly unique New York boozy brunch experience.

Ariel Kanter is an editor at Gilt City and writes a bi-weekly column for amNewYork.