Face wash sans microbeads that keeps your skin fresh all winter long

Microbeads are officially banned in 2016, but that doesn’t mean your skin should suffer.

Though the microbeads themselves aren’t necessarily bad for your skin, they’re a nightmare for the environment, making then a major public health concern.

“As the microbeads wash down our drain, they end up polluting our waterways, soil and environment for decades,” explained dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak. “Fish in our waterways end up ingesting the plastic particles, which poses a health risk to our health, as our fish contain toxic levels of chemicals.”

So how can we save the fish and our complexion?

“A great replacement are products containing natural mineral exfoliator beads, such as SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub,” said Dr. Russak. “The buffing granules are very gentle on the skin and effectively decongests pores.”

Check out some of our favorite exfoliators and face washes, all microbead-free!

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