Corey Johnson’s office distributes 2,000 pantry boxes to homebound seniors and families

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Photo: Mark Hallum


NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s office will distribute 2,000 pantry boxes to homebound seniors and families across Council District 3. 

IAC and High Line together purchased $50,000 worth of Fresh Direct boxes filled with groceries. 

Volunteers from an effort launched by Johnson’s office will deliver the boxes to residents. Volunteers called thousands of seniors to check that they had supplies. The boxes will also go to public housing complexes and other affordable housing buildings for distribution. 

“When times are tough, New Yorkers come together and help one another,” Johnson said. “During these hard times, we must all work together to ensure that not one of (our) neighbors goes hungry. Moments like this make me so proud to be a New Yorker. I want to thank the High Line, IAC, Fresh Direct and the dozens of volunteers who are coming together as one community.”

Volunteers delivered the first 500 boxes to IAC’s storage facility in Chelsea on April 20. The rest will arrive over the next two weeks. The first deliveries were made to Manhattan Plaza in Hell’s Kitchen and the NYCHA Fulton Houses and NYCHA Elliot-Chelsea Houses.  

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