If you can make out here, you can make out anywhere.

New York City is the seventh worst city in the nation for single people, according to a study by financial web siteWalletHub that crunched the costs of housing, dating, fitness club memberships, beauty salons and drinks, among other data, for 150 U.S. cities.

While NYC fared better than average in crime rate, cafes per capita, percentage of single people, and nightlife options, it was dead last when it came to the "economics of dating;" scoring poorly in the cost of courtship accoutrements such as restaurant meals and movies. It scored 39th out of the 150 cities surveyed, though, for "romance and fun."

In the overall scoring, Boise, Idaho ranked as the best city for singles, followed by Madison, Wisconsin; Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas.

Cities judged as even worse for the free and unfettered than NYC were Jersey City; Peoria, Illinois; Brownsville, Texas; North Las Vegas, Nevada; Hialeah, Florida; and Yonkers, which came in dead last.