Industry City brings Freelancers Union to Brooklyn campus

Industry City
Courtesy of Industry City

Industry City (IC) has announced a partnership with Freelancers Union, adding a new location to the campus in Brooklyn. 

By joining this nonprofit organization, IC hopes to provide education to independent workers in workshops, tax and legal assistance and more.

“The Freelancers Union will be an invaluable partner to our rapidly growing Media + Production community at IC,” Jeff Fein, Senior Vice President of Leasing at Industry City, said. “The freelance workforce now has a distinct home at Industry City where education, skill-sharing, and networking are key to the experience.”

Since 1995, the Freelancers Union’s mission has been to advocate for and support independent workers, which make up 61% of New York City workers across industries. The membership is free and offered to all freelancers in the U.S.

“Thanks to our partnership with Commissioner Anne del Castillo and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, we will be able to provide free coworking, educational programs and direct resources to New York City’s creative freelancers through our Freelancers Hub,” Freelancers Union’s President, Rafael Espinal said. “Given Industry City’s track record in welcoming the creative workforce, it made the right sense for the program. We are beyond excited to be joining the Industry City community and contributing in supporting the surrounding communities.”

Through networking, freelancers can see the continual growth this will provide them and are excited to gain the support of IC and the Freelancers Union. There is hope amidst the competitive market of entertainment. 

“We are thrilled that the Freelancers Union, which provides invaluable resources to NYC’s independent workers in the creative industries, has found a new home amongst the entrepreneurial community at Industry City,” Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment Anne del Castillo said. “It is vital that we continue to support our city’s freelance community, which comprised almost two-thirds of the media and entertainment sector’s workforce pre-pandemic, and will continue to be vital to our city’s creative economy moving forward.”

“Freelancers are an integral and vibrant part of NYC’s workforce, and we are thrilled that the Freelancers Hub will be opening in Industry City,” Department of Consumer and Worker Protection Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga said. “We look forward to working with the Hub to make sure all freelancers know about protections to get paid and more under the City’s Freelance Isn’t Free Act and to connect them with court navigation and financial empowerment resources.”