‘We’re Still Here’: Three-day East Village festival celebrates neighborhood’s amazing artists and culture

East Village artists pose in front of motorycle
They’re ready to go….L-R, Puma Perl (and Faye) , Connie T. Empress, Carrie Beehan, Julius Klein, Raken Leaves, Linus Coraggio, Brian Rose, Daniel Root
Photo by Bob Krasner

It’s pretty much a given that the creative energy of the East Village’s past should be celebrated, but filmmaker Nancy August isn’t content to let it stop there.

Her three night celebration of this unique part of the world — taking place at Nublu on Oct. 10-12 — is titled ‘We’re Still Here: A Celebration of the East Village’ for a reason. “It’s still happening here,” August explains. “It’s just quieter.” 

August came to NYC as a teen and found herself “passionate about downtown.” She was a “model and an actress who was always interested in film.” At 17, she was booking bands into the Mudd Club and later threw parties to finance her films.

“It was always a great community here,” she recalls. “Everyone helped each other out. It wasn’t always about being famous – it was about accomplishing something really cool”.

The idea to mount a multimedia show was first realized in Connecticut, where she now resides. The show there was a hit, and has now mutated and expanded to the East Village, where it obviously belongs.

Avant fusion band Theorcolus featuring Mel Greenwich, David C Gross , Grant Calvin Weston, not pictured : Patience HigginsPhoto by Bob Krasner
Representing ( and presenting for ) East Village Vintage Collective NYC and 3rd and B’zaar are, L-R, Delphine Le Goff, Laura Texter and Maegan Hayward at Otto’s Shrunken HeadPhoto by Bob Krasner
Activist David Soto’s Latin band Daso will perform at NubluPhoto by Dean Moses
Photo by Bob Krasner
Filmmaker Nancy August, the creator of the festPhoto by Bob Krasner

The festival will feature 25 artists and photographers, various bands, storytellers , fashion shows, burlesque and more. Some of the featured performers include Puma Perl, SoulCake, FaithNYC and Theorcolus, an avant-garde jazz fusion band whose members have played with Sonny Sharrock, Muhal Richard Abrams, The Lounge Lizards and Ornette Coleman, among others.

On the fashion side, designer Christopher Uvenio will present his “Glam Rock” collection, which he describes as “Park Avenue girls meet the bad boys of the East Village — a mix of couture designs and cutting edge streetwear.”

Interludes will be provided by The Cabaret Burlesque, while the team of Maegan Hayward, Laura Texter and Delphine Le Goff will show a mix of original and vintage styles from their shops, East Village Vintage Collective and 3rd and B’zaar.

August notes that “so many of the artists have been here for years, like Linus Coraggio. I didn’t want to concentrate on the obvious, like Basquiat and Haring. These people are just as vital.”

Wyatt Abernathy ( photographer ) and Julius Klein ( performance artist ) pictured at Otto’s with a questionable source of inspirationPhoto by Bob Krasner
Designer Christopher Uvenio (wearing glasses) with some of the models – Levi Eig, Fiona Rose, Ming Ma – who will help present his “Glam Rock ” collection.Photo by Bob Krasner
SoulCake features Joff Wilson, Sara Fendley and Laura SativaPhoto by Bob Krasner
Faith NYC with Felice Rosser ( standing ), Fin Hunt and Charlie Nieland on Avenue CPhoto by Bob Krasner
Strutting their way to Nublu is The Cabaret Burlesque featuring Sasha Lee Andrews, Nathalie Marrable, Maddee Dore, Annie Ellertson and Abby HerschmanPhoto by Bob Krasner

The three nights will be a melange of talent, with Anthony Haden-Guest, Lady Valtronix and DJ’s Bruce Ciccone and Twig the Wonderkid mixed in.

August is hoping that the festival is not just a one-off. “I’d like to do it yearly”, she says. “I want to see it grow.”

More info will be posted on Instagram at @nancyaugust24, and tickets are available at nublu.net.