Neon Coat revolutionizes the modeling industry with safe ways to connect businesses and models

Photo via Instagram/Karina Bik @karinabnyc

Neon Coat is revolutionizing the modeling industry, creating a safer and healthy way for models and businesses to connect.

The app began as a dream for Larissa Drekonja, a Slovenian immigrant who came to New York City in hopes of becoming a model. Yet she was met with lack of payment, feeling unsafe at the workplace, and difficulty connecting with brands. Drekonja realized she wasn’t the only model dealing with this, she saw that many others were struggling just as much as she was. 

In 2017 she met with masters of technology and business to make her dream a reality. Neon Coat was officially launched as a digital marketing app meant to keep models both in contact with businesses, and in workplaces where they can feel in charge of themselves. The app is meant to empower models with it being “a model’s passport to everything.”

Drekonja, having now worked over 15 years in the industry, strives to help her fellow models get on their feet and thrive in the competitive scene of modeling. Through the app, models are connected with lawyers, accountants, and new friends to show them the way. Models learn to set their own boundaries and know their worth so they aren’t taken advantage of by agencies, and they’re able to choose what work they want to do on a day-to-day basis. Models also receive many discounted or free experiences, and they are able to secure complimentary dinner and drinks, yoga classes, discounted haircuts, and other beauty-related services. 

Today the platform is curating a diverse community of over 7,200 professional male, female, and gender-nonconforming fashion models, with a cumulative following on Instagram of over 220 million followers. All types of businesses are represented through Neon Coat, such as cafes, fitness studios, beauty brands, fashion companies, restaurants, and so much more. Neon Coat’s expert marketing and educational events for their talent allow businesses to flourish with elevated posts from models that show the quality of their products. Neon Coat can help models and businesses to connect for photoshoots, in-person appearances, entire social media campaigns, and more. The app’s automated software creates unique and individual campaigns for each brand it works with. The result is organic and simple content ready to be posted. Neon Coat is completely free for models to use while brands and businesses pay a monthly subscription fee. 

Currently, Neon Coat is focused on NYC-based models but has influence in Miami, Los Angeles, and London. They plan to expand further into those markets in Fall 2022. Neon Coat is set to throw a huge New York Fashion Week event in September at NYC’s famous Cucina 8 ½ and the company is looking for brand sponsors to fill a limited number of available spaces.

For more information, visit the Neon Coat website.

Drekonja recently appeared on the Power Women Podcast with Vicki Schneps. Listen to the episode below!

Larissa Drekonja, founder of the app Neon Coat