5 projects that would change NYC

5 projects that would change NYC

There are plenty of large-scale projects in the pipeline that on paper may seem far-fetched, but which could ultimately transform and improve the Big Apple.

From transforming the city’s largest landfill into Staten Island’s newest green space to a floating pool that cleans the rivers, these ideas are not too far off from reality and they’re making fast progress. The key, according to urban planning experts, is the word-of-mouth and support from New Yorkers who are eager to see something new in their communities.

“Getting the approvals and community support can be a win in itself,” said Jonathan Bowles, the executive director of the Center for an Urban Future. “Any project will benefit if it can build a constituency.”

amNewYork looked into some ongoing works and spoke with their organizers to see how they are coming along and what steps they are taking to finish their projects.