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Anthony Weiner favorites (and un-favorites) tweet from woman with blog about cheating

Anthony Weiner on August 5, 2013.

Anthony Weiner on August 5, 2013. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Andrew Burton

Weiner is at it again.

Former congressman Anothony Weiner apparently favorited a racy tweet from Joslyn Stevens, who goes by SugarFuzz and runs a blog about infidelity, Gawker reported on Friday.

Gawker took of screenshot of the favoriting. Weiner quickly un-favorited the tweet.

Weiner hasn't commented and Stevens tweeted "I just got dragged into a Gawker story because Anthony Weiner thinks I'm attractive." Her Twitter bio, by the way, reads "Filling in for your wife since 2001. Indulge your sexual fantasies by having an affair."

Weiner, of course, is no stranger to online mishaps. He resigned over inappropriate tweets and then ruined his mayoral run comeback in 2013 when more messages were discovered. In June of this year, when he was discovered to have favorited racy tweets some 27 times, he said he may have "hit the little star thing accidentally as I scrolled through stuff." Does he still not understand that Twitter favorites are public?

Stevens, meanwhile, tweeted "why should I tell on him #infidelity #sex" when asked if Weiner sent her a direct message. The kicker tweet: "I have no intention of making Anthony look bad, but thanks for stopping by." 

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