Astor alert: Hot sidewalks

Photo by Lincoln Anderson
Photo by Lincoln Anderson

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON  |  According to anecdotal reports, dogs have been getting shocked by sidewalk stray voltage at a higher rate this winter due to all the slush. In the worst incident, Bella, an 11-year-old pit bull-terrier mix, was killed Feb. 15 by electrical current from a scaffolding on Clinton St.

Monday morning, Con Ed workers responding to apparent stray voltage on E. Eighth St. were taking no chances. The street’s south side along the curb was cordoned off for about 100 feet with yellow cones and tape, along with Con Ed’s new signs, stating, “Warning: Do Not Enter: A possible electrical condition is being investigated. For your safety, please keep people and pets away from this area.”

Parts of the curb were also cordoned off on Lafayette St. and around onto Astor Place. About the only thing that wasn’t off limits was Jerry Delakas’s newsstand. People are protected from sidewalk stray voltage by their shoes.

Con Ed spokesperson Sidney Alvarez confirmed, “Yes, the signs indicate that some sort of stray voltage was detected and crews are making the necessary repairs.”