#NoLoveLocks confirms: New Yorkers are crabby and bitter about love!

Why do New Yorkers hate love?

Why do New Yorkers hate love?

On Tuesday, the DOT clipped 450 so-called “love locks” off the Brooklyn Bridge, citing safety.

“We remove locks from the bridge as part of our routine maintenance but we strongly discourage visitors from leaving locks on our bridges as it poses a danger to the infrastructure and the cars traveling below,” the agency said in a statement.

New Yorkers online responded with ecstatic glee — and seemed to direct their ire not at the safety issue but at the tourists and happy people who dared to declare their love.

“YESSSS destroy that sh–. Sorry tourists!” — @kadarlikeradar

Some had, shall we say, a typical New Yorkers bitter response:

“Haha. Now your stupid love lock is in the trash just like your stupid relationship.” — @teoindustries

The DOT used guilt in its tweet about the love lock removal as a strategy to discourage visitors from locking them to the bridge.

“that’s another 75lbs of waste headed to landfill :(” — @NYC_DOT

The DOT said in a statement that it has removed 16,000 locks in the past two years. That’s a lot of love. How will they combat this brazen act? We’ve inquired as to their game plan to quash love, and will update when we find out.