Coyote captured by cops

Coyotes love NYC!

This one didn’t get away.

After multiple brushes with coyotes this week, the NYPD has finally captured one.

Around 7:30 a.m. Saturday, a coyote was spotted near Battery Park City. Cops from the 1st Precinct responded, along with Emergency Service Unit personnel. After running into a nearby park and hanging out at a cafe (maybe it was hungry?) the coyote was eventually “contained, darted and secured,” according to police.

The coyote turned out to be a female, and was not injured. She is now at the Center for Animal Care and Control, at 326 E. 110th St. What happens next is unknown.

“This was the first time we had a wild animal trying to dine with us,” said Richard Cohn, co-owner of the Merchants River House restaurant at 375 South End Ave., whose kitchen staff took refuge inside as the coyote pranced outdoors. “Only service animals are really allowed to dine with us.”

No officers, civilians or pets were injured in the process of the coyote capture.

While it’s unclear whether the female coyote is the same wild animal spotted all over the Upper West Side this week, one thing is for sure: coyotes love NYC.

(With Matt Chayes)

Georgia Kral